Community care

The Law Centre advises and assists on a wide range of community care issues. These can range from a service user not getting the community care services he or she would be entitled to arranging emergency social services assessments and temporary support and accommodation for the very sick and destitute.
We know that clients who need community care services will have physical and/or mental health problems and we can home visits to those who need it.

We can offer an initial appointment to give advice about any of the following:

• How can I get a community care assessment
• Can I challenge a community care assessment
• Do I need to pay for community care services?
• I am a carer, what community care services can I get?
• I want to be responsible for paying for my services, how do I do this?
• If I am discharged from hospital and I need care in my home, what do I do?
• I am worried about my sick relative who needs care but she cannot give instructions what can I do?
• I am ill and destitute but I am not in the country lawfully – what can I do?

If you are affected by any of these issues the Law centre might be able to help you. Please phone us on 020 8741 4021 for advice and/or an appointment.